Typed String Trigger With Umlaut

I have two macros with similar typed string trigger, one is triggered by “ua ”, the other by “uä ”. Although I have activated the option “diacriticals matter”, when typing one of the triggers, KM shows the pop-up to require selection between the two. Any suggestions to let KM work with these exact-triggers without pop-up?

KM apparently shows you a conflict menu, it means that two macros have the same trigger. I have just tested this.

"ua space" and "uä space". Right?

Strange, it works fine for me.

Are you sure that the conflict is because of these two strings?


Strangely, inspired by your screenshot, having toggled “following a word break” to “following any character” and back, it now works for me as you indicate. Alternatively, a restart of KM was the key.
Anyway, thanks a lot!

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