Typinator on Sale for $13.35

Hey Folks,

I just noticed Typinator is on sale for half-price ($13.35) on MacUpdate – normally $26.70.

That’s a great deal on a great utility.

According to the sale page there’s Only 1 day & 6 hours left from 2017/02/14 17:20 CST.

If you’ve followed me on the forum you know I’m a Typinator user of many years and think it’s a terrific complement to Keyboard Maestro (particularly for really heavy snippets users like me).

** I don’t profit in any way from this announcement.



Thanks for the heads up on that. Looks like another handy little app I wish I’d bought years ago.


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Currently Typinator is part of the Bundlehunt “Ultra Premium” Mac bundle for $20 (respectively $15 with discount).

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