Typinator problem when KM is running

Hi, I'm having a problem with Typinator as soon as KM is running. Typinator puts the clipboard content instead of my snippets. I thought it was a Typinator problem but it seems that something changed at some point in of the two apps (KM or Typinator) because I've been running both for at least 5 years without a problem.
I've tried disabling all clipboard related macros, but I still get the problem. As soon as I stop the KM engine, everything works fine. I saw an older thread about this exact problem but Peter was saying that he would change the behavior of something in the next version which I assume I'm running since I'm on the latest version 8.2.
Any ideas? anyone else having problems with those two?

Ok so I found the problem, I had a new macro that I made to fix a problem I was having with Sublime Text. That particular macro messed up Typinator.
Capto_Capture 2018-05-08_10-29-59_AM
I guess I'll have to figure out what the real problem is in Sublime Text:frowning:

It is not supported to have an action that simulates a key that is the trigger for an active macro - the results are unpredictable. They will either trigger the macro or simulate the key, and which will happen will be somewhat random, depending on a large variety of factors. In this sort of macro, what that typically means is the macro cycles around in circles, re-triggering itself multiple times until eventually the keystroke is simulated.

Why would you create such a macro though? Instead create a macro group active only in Sublime Text and place your macro there, so Command-V unconditionally selected the Paste menu. This might still interfere with Typinator, but only in Sublime Text then, and probably not anyway.

I didn't now better and I did this macro because I didn't time to troubleshoot why Sublime was pasting the Previous Clipboard randomly. I must have had another utility interfering but doing this macro, it seemed to have fixed the problem at the time. This was on a computer I use only 1 day a week and I had work to do. I'll fix it next time I'm at that computer. Since that macro sync with my main computer, it was messing it all up.

Anyway, thanks, I won't be doing that again.