Typo in "Set Next Engine Window Position Action"? (v10.0.2)

ATTN: @peternlewis

The Set Next Engine Window Position action appears to have a typo when selecting "center at" option... I haven't renamed it or anything in this screenshot.

Keyboard Maestro Export


Hey Chris,

Where did you come up with Center Next Engine Window?


Hey Chris!

It's one of the new actions in KM10 🤷🏻

It was glitchy at first with the centering process... and I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet because I haven't really used it to center anything.


Engine – yes – next???


Please show me.

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I did actually search for “next engine” in the Insert Actions by Name dialog and didn't find it the first time around.

I did find it just now, so either I mistyped something or gremlins struck...

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No problem! Sounds like it's time for a drink... or maybe not :laughing:

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Drinking an Americano coffee and eating the last crumbs of some Turtle Cheesecake as we speak.



Thanks. Fixed for the next version.