Ultra Simple Question for Finder / List-View in MacOS, But Can't Find Solution

I had a notion there was a hotkey for this in macOS, but cant remember or find it.

I should be very content if any of all the fine users here could set me right on this.
I attach two screenshots form finder (in the Danish version)...

In finder using listview you may see what is inside at folder by clicking the little '>' sign. It responds by pointing downward lige a 'v' and shows you the files that may reside in that folder.
Clicking again 'collapses' the view...

I have a lot of music placed in a specific folder, and each album has its own foldername. (There are more than 1.000 such Album-folders)
Sometimes it happens that umpteen folders have been opened (over time) and I want to collapse it all, but the only way I know of is clicking every 'v' so it collapses into the '>' version.

I would really like to do this in one go, by a hotkey that either execute this collapse, or by calling a macro that does the same job.

Suggestions are welcome

Palle GT

Easy. Select one or more folders in the Finder and press:

  • ‚Üí (right-arrow) to EXPAND
  • ‚Üź (left-arrow) to COLLAPSE

Works for me in macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

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I have a specific Keyboard Maestro Macro to close every folder in a Finder Window. It just runs the series of hotkeys to do this but still very useful for me.

18)Close Every Folder in Finder WIndow.kmmacros (13.5 KB)

Option-Arrow Key (left or right) is the longstanding Finder default to Collapse/Expand a folder and its sub-folders.

Option-clicking the 'v' (or '>') next to a folder will also collapse/expand a folder and its sub-folders.

(In US English, Apple calls the 'v' and the '>' a Disclosure Triangle.)

HAHAHA... so there was a simple key to execute it.
Thank you, & it works in Big Sur 11.2.3

Good to know that it may be used in macro too.

Palle GT

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Yes, I found that I most often want to just close all the expanded folders at once which is why I made a Macro that started with the ‚ĆėA command to first select all.