Un-focus the "Actions" popup window?

When the “Actions” window slides up in the KM Editor, it takes focus from the Macro editor. This means you can’t paste in an action from the clipboard, until you click in the Macro editor.

Anyone know how to set the focus from the Actions window to the Macro editor, using a keystroke or AppleScript? I don’t want to close the Actions window - just make it so I can paste an action into the macro.

Dan, I don’t see any way of setting focus to the Editor pane other than:

  • Click 50px below (in a blank area) of Found Image of the big :heavy_check_mark:️ or :heavy_multiplication_x:
  • Script UI to click on some inactive element in the Editor pane


I’m hoping someone can be creative with the use of UI Browser and perhaps figure out a way. I tried a few things but I haven’t figured it out yet.

If anyone can figure the UI out, it would be Chris. (@ccstone: any ideas?)

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Hey Dan,

Me too.

I’ve got to blast-off, but I’ll look at it again when I get back.


Going to the moon? Or just the space station?

Hey JM,

Farther afield if 'twer possible.  :sunglasses:

Hey Dan,

As far as I can see the Show Actions Panel dominates the scene when it is open and prevents System Events from changing the active focus.

However - you can manually click in the macro panel to move the active focus.

If I was going to automate this I'd get the position of the search field using System Events and then do a relative click with Keyboard Maestro.

Something like this:

Generic-Test 01.ccs.kmmacros (3.6 KB)


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Chris gave me the idea for this simple macro, which will always make the Macro Edit area have focus. It simply clicks in the blank area of the main KM Window.

###MACRO: [KM] Set Focus to Macro Edit Panel [Example]

[KM] Set Focus to Macro Edit Panel [Example].kmmacros (2.6 KB)

@DanThomas, give this a try and let me know what you think.

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Looks like this works. Thanks! I’ll play with it some more, but for now, it looks good.