Unable to navigate popup with arrow keys

I have created a “Prompt for User Input” dialog with a selector box, but I can’t navigate it with the arrow keys, even though the selector box has focus.

Sometimes if I hit the up-arrow first, I can then select the option I want with return.

I guess I tripped up a bug.

What about Tab and Shift-Tab?

Tab and ⇧Tab works as it should, it moves focus from selector box, to cancel button, and to ok button in that order.

Pressing down-arrow on the selector box opens it, but any further use of arrow keys is moot, except sometimes when I press up-arrow first(after open) - but that doesn’t work each time.

Hey David,

You mean a pop-up menu when you say “selector box”?

Try opening the pop-up menu with the keyboard.

or or

Then press .

Then try again to navigate with the keyboard.

Please report whether or not that works.


Yes I mean a popup menu.

Pressing ⌘. kinda works, sometimes it just closes the popup, but most of the times it works.

Hey David,

Actually it should close the pop-up.

Okay. Peter and I have discussed this problem in a different context.

Thanks for reporting the issue with the user-input action pop-up menu.

Peter does not have a fix at this time. It may be an OSX issue rather than a KM issue that he can do something about, so don’t hold your breath.

Note that keyboard access to buttons and other widgets is non-standard behavior on the Mac. It requires that the Turn keyboard access on or off setting be turned ON in the System Preferences > Shortcuts > Keyboard panel.

When reporting issue that involve this feature it’s a good idea to mention it. Many people don’t even know it exists.


True, even though I suspect that most of the users of Keyboard Maestro knows about it, and have it turned on.

I’d be surprised - I don’t have it turned on for example.

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