Unable to use KM to click "Menu" link in safari


I'm trying to click the button MORE and then click save as spreadsheet via KM

  1. KM detects the Link as as More(//A[@id="moreAction"])
  2. KM Detect the Save as a spreadsheet as ()//A[@id="vespss"])
    But KM cannot click on either of them.

  1. I then tried opening the link in chrome and copied the XPATH and pasted the same in Km by using Macro Click Safari item matching XPath applied to document //*[@id="moreAction"]/span[1] but Alas no success.

As I thought, the <span> tag is NOT clickable -- it does NOT have a click event. Most spans do not.

<a id="moreAction" href="#" onmouseover="OnMoverOther(this)" qbmenu="ViewOtherOps" qbmhicolor="_none" class="Action More Tipsified" data-original-title="">
    <span class="ActionLabel MoreLabel">More</span><span class="Icon Icon16 More"></span>

And in fact, you can't get a click response from the anchor <a> tag, because it's "href" is set to do nothing. It has a mouseover event which enables a menu to be displayed when the user manually clicks on it.

So, without more testing and work, I'm not sure how this can be automated.

My suggestion at this point is to use a Move or Click Mouse action based on a relative position from the window's top, right corner.

Thank you for looking into this. I appreciate the effort you took to explain this to me.

I've taken hour advise and set this up by combo of finding Image and click mouse on finding image.

Would it be possible to run a javascript and achieve the same?

I'm not sure what you are asking.
Using KM is the simplest way to click on the button.