Understanding Use of Trigger by Script

Why would you want the possibility to enable/disable each script-language trigger individually?

There's a principle in security called the "least privilege principle" that you grant someone only the permission that are needed. I always go by this philosophy. Why should I be forced to allow all Python scripts on my computer to be able to access a macro just because I want my shell commands to be able to access that macro? That doesn't make any sense to me. It's for my own security that I want to be able to open one door at a time. Just one door at a time. It's safer.

I understand what you mean but any script can only run your macro if it addresses that macro by the UUID or by its name. So, the chances that any maliciously introduced 3rd-party script will trigger one of your macros are pretty negligible. IMHO. But, in a very strict sense, your argument is valid.

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