Unknown macro - dashes-for-spaces in filenames -?

No, the macro provided by @JMichaelTX is clearly better than the original one!

Thank you for the input.



This is a very valuable lesson for all to learn in KM. Very often the solution to a macro not working correctly is to add or increase the Pause between KM actions that tell the UI to perform some action for which the KM Action does NOT wait for the app to complete the action.

So when you issue this KM Action:

KM immediately executes the next Action in the Macro, without knowing whether or not ForkLift has completed the "Rename" command.
In this case it had not completed the command, and so the next KM Action, "Copy", copied the file, which translates to the full path of the file.

Placing a short Pause of 0.1 - 0.2 sec allows Forklift to complete the command.

I hope this helps all readers better understand the need for KM Pauses.

@okn, as you learned, that was not a KM Macro, and Chris @ccstone and I have provided you with our macros to provide the same function.

I have just uploaded my Macro revised to work with ForkLift, and any other app the user chooses:

MACRO: Replace Spaces with Dashes in File Name in @Finder and Other Apps [Example]

@okn and @ccstone, if you guys could test this to make sure it works with ForkLift (post results in the Macro topic) I would greatly appreciate it, since I don't have the ForkLift app.


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