Upgrade Pricing for KM9

I'm registered for KM7 and KM8. I just heard about KM9 and was interested in it. When I got my license info, it said that I could upgrade for $25. I thought the 8 -> 9 upgrade was $18.


Without looking at your actual licenses, I would guess you received a free upgrade to version 8.

The way I structure my upgrades is:

  • If you purchased the previous version recently (in this case, back to 1 February 2019), then you receive a free upgrade - no one wants to have to pay again for something they bought a month ago.
  • Otherwise, the upgrade fee is $25, except:
  • If you purchased the previous version, then for a short time (in this case, until 8 October 2019) you can upgrade at the discounted price of $18. This is especially to reward those loyal customers who purchase an upgrade promptly after release each year.

If you did actually purchase version 8, then please email support@stairways.com with details - sometimes people have more than one email address in our system and so there can be confusion caused by that.

I feel this upgrade process gives the best balance for all my customers, ensuring I am working in their interests, and they are supporting me in doing so. I have no desires to make changes to this system, which I think has served my customers, Keyboard Maestro and myself well for a long time (indeed this process has been in place since, I believe, version 3 (which was the first major upgrade that I did, after releasing version 2 after acquiring it from Michael in 2004)).

I trust that is clear? And that you have enjoyed your free upgrade to version 8 for the last two years enough that $25 is a no brainer for upgrading to version 9.

Thanks for your (and everyones!) support - it is the only reason I can continue doing this.


Thanks, Peter. Your upgrade policy seems more than fair.

I have V7 and V8 registered to the same address, so it's quite possible V8 was a free upgrade. I'll go ahead and get the regular upgrade to V9.

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It's very nice of you to go back all the way to 1 Feb 2019 - that's almost 7 months back.. thank you! I love how nice Dark Mode look!

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$18 was, I think, a very fair price.


$18 is a very fair price. I just want to make sure it's profitable enough for Peter to keep working on it for at least the next 30 years or so of my expected working life :smiley:


Agreed. But we can't make it so profitable for him that he takes an early retirement. It needs to be profitable, but not TOO profitable. We also need him to have lots of children that need to be put through expensive universities so he feels the need to keep working for a long time to come. Oh, and I've heard that divorces can be very costly so we need him to undergo one of those. Or more than one.


I think if it's saving people 278 years of time (3.7 average human life spans) over the course of a single version, it's only cost 6¢ per year of time to know we can actually just give up on all our goals right now and still arrive at our death beds having excelled at living.

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At the risk of redundancy, I have to agree that Peter’s pricing is very fair. Even after converting to Canadian dollars, it didn’t take more than a second to click the upgrade link. If KM was to ever cease to exist I’m not sure if I’d still know my way around my Macs. Continued gratitude to Peter for a superb piece of work. Can’t wait to see KM 10. :grinning:


KM is among a handful of take-my-money, instant upgrade, no-brainers for me and I bet for many others here too. Thanks again, Peter!


In case it hadn’t been said already: $18 is – still – a no-brainer. $25 for each update would be in the range of a yes-brainer.

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At that occasion I would like to say Many Thanks to Peter for KM9.

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but the list of additions, improvements and fixes sounds very promising.

And a special Thank for having considered many of these small glitch/bug reports on this very forum. It is just so good when you know that the dev is reading (and participating in) the forum.

This is in contrary to some other companies which decided to close down their user forums (Things, LaunchBar).

(I understand that a forum can be an annoyance: If you don’t show presence (give feedback), people complain. If you show presence – or even actively participate – it will consume your time.)

However, I think, Peter has shown with this forum – and the changes in the KM9 upgrade – that it is possible to actively maintain a forum, not only as a source of inspiration but at the same time as a resource of issue reporting.

KM would only be two thirds without this forum. So, @peternlewis, thanks for KM9, thanks for this great forum and thanks for having paid attention to what we said/reported here!


Yep, agree 100%, especially with the praise of @peternlewis. Peter, I can never say it enough: Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart. Seriously. I use KM constantly, in nearly everything I do. But I spend hours and hours editing videos and writing blog posts and website articles, and without KM, well, I honestly can't even imagine what that would be like, nor do I want to.

I'm glad you keep the price low, but I'd gladly pay more for KM. :heart:


$18 is very cheap!

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