Upon Triggering Macro, Indicate How Many Times You Want Action Repeated?

Is it possible to do this?

Let's say I have a macro that, upon being triggered, performs a series of keystrokes. I typically need this keystroke series performed multiple times, but how many times varies on a case by case basis.

Is it possible to set up a macro so that, after being triggered, I can somehow input or indicate how many times I want the action repeated?

Whatever it is you're trying to do, I'm guessing there are more robust and/or efficient ways of doing it than repeating keystrokes like this, but that said, yes, what you want to do is possible. Use a Prompt for User Input action to enter how many times you want the action(s) to repeat into a variable, then use that variable in a Repeat loop:

Example Macro.kmmacros (2.3 KB)


This works perfectly. Thank you, @gglick!

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I am looking for a similar option. I have discovered that using a fixed number, say 10, for repetion of a specific macro is not very flexible since I may have to edit the number for each run. (like if I need it to run 45 times, I may let it run 10 times 4, and fix the remainder by single steps).
My question is where in your example would I place the call for my 'external macro' ??
At present I use this very basic option:

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Hey Palle,

Where the Type a Keystroke action is.


My question is not too specific, I guess.
As it is in the example the repeat is set 'permanently' to 29.
prior to running the macro I know from other info on my screen the actual number I want/need the repeat to run.
Instead of editing the macro for every new instance, my present workflow, I am looking for some action built into this macro, whereby I will be asked about a 2 digit input. After that input, say 33, is entered the repeat will then run 33 times.
The constant editing of "Execute these actions..." is cumbersome.


Hey Palle,

Have you run Glick's example?

It does exactly what you want. It asks the user for a number and performs that many repetitions on the item(s) in the repeat action.

What else do you want?


Am I to understand that Glicks example will substitute the Repeat action I use? I had the impression I would have to merge the two!!!
Not to bright in my head these days, its pollen highseason and besides there was a blackout last night. Remarkable to experience a whole city shut down and out. Has somehow messed with my security settings so why not...
later I'll check the options out with your suggestions

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I had a go at it, but it only takes ONE run!
I inserted pause just to make sure there was time, and I inserted a Sound, to be able to hear 'x' funks
but it just runs once

Not so great Macro.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

That's because you misplaced your actions. Try this one.


Repeat Actions a User-Designated Number of Times.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

HEUREKA :nerd_face:
I was too 'square' to even consider the possiblility of dragging one function INTO another one.

now it works :man_dancing:

Thanks for you kind assistance Chris