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I am writing a macro that will take a note in Evernote and return a shortened URL to the clipboard. Evernote unfortunately only returns long URLs.

The way I see to do this is to move the mouse to get the long URL via Evernote’s menus. Then I paste into Google and run a URL Shortener extension.

I see a lot of Python references around with regard to code addressing long and short URLs. And I would prefer not to have to open Chrome. I am wondering if there is a simple call I might be able to invoke in KM.

You can look into most TextExpander snippets for this. I can’t give you individual snippets, because most are too long, but there are snippets for bitly, CloudApp, goo.gl, tinyurl, and more.

Hmm. Well in looking at this, it seems that every https://goo.gl/ shortened link is public for everyone. Not sure that is want I am looking for. Maybe that means that someone enters the shortened link link, they can get to a given URL. I wonder if it is possible to search for all goo.gl shortened URLs that have “Evernote” (for example).

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@radiator: That’s probably not possible. Remember that every URL out there is, theoretically, public. If someone just accidentally types in one of your short URL’s and it expands to one that you thought is private, then they are going to see what you’ve shrunk.

There is no particular reason that a URL shortener service could not require a password before it expands the URL, though I’ve never heard of such a service. Some URL shorteners have taken you first to the service, and then shown you the URL and required a further click to continue - adding a password at that stage would not be difficult.

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