"USB Device Key" Trigger vs. Karabiner Elements

I’m trying to use KM, Hammerspoon and Karabiner-elements to create a hyper key under Sierra. However, I’ve figured out that there is conflict between KM and KE, namely, when Karabiner-elements is running, I’m not able to use “USB Device Key” trigger in KM (e.g. set a KM Macro to make double clicking right cmd trigger “delete”). I’m wondering if anyone has found the same problem? Thank you.

Hyper key functionality can now be achieved in Sierra with Karabiner-Elements alone, so there's no need to bring in Hammerspoon: Now Possible: macOS Sierra (10.12) Hyper Key with Karabiner Elements

Since that post Karabiner-Elements has even been updated to include proper GUI support for such complex modifications:

Once you've set up the hyper key in Elements, you don't need to set a USB Device Key trigger in KM to use it. Just set a regular hot key trigger using your new hyper key like you would any other shortcut:

Thank you gglick. I appretiate your answer. I know what you said and I’ve found you can easily map hyper key with KE alone now. My problem indeed is that I want to at the same time bind certian macro to modifier keys (e.g. make double click right cmd trigger a keystroke “delete” or any other macro). However, I’m not able to do it with KM now as long as Karabiner-Elements is running. Did I make my point clear?

You’re quite welcome, and I’m sorry my first response wasn’t the answer you were looking for. I just tried to replicate your issue on my own system, and found that the behavior you describe was not present while I was still using an older version of KE, 0.91.9. However, after updating to the newest release, 0.91.12, then KM did indeed stop recognizing modifier keys such as the right command key, and I was no longer able to use them as USB device key triggers or even to trigger previously working macros. Given that, I would have to guess that the problem lies in the latest KE release, and that downgrading to the older 0.91.9 version or waiting for a new one may be the solution here.

Thank you gglick. Let me try!

I am using Karabiner Elements to enable the Hyper Key and have no problem with the USB Device Key trigger, so I suspect it is something else blocking it (or some other interaction).

Thank you peternlewis. I’m not sure what’s wrong there actually but I did according to what gglick suggested (downgrade K-M to an older version) and the problem has been fixed. I’ve also reported this issue to the author of K-M and hopefully this can be fixed also in his future build.

I had another report of USB Device Key triggers not working, so there is clearly an incompatibility causing program somewhere.

I use Karabiner Elements (0.91.13) without any issues, so it is not that alone that is the issue.

I’m trying to re-read your post and not really sure what you did to resolve the problem. You say you “downgrade K-M to an older version”, and “reported this issue to the author of K-M” but I suspect you mean Karabiner Elements rather than “K-M” in both cases.

You are right. I made a typo and I actually wanted to say that “I downgrade K-E to 0.91.9.” Though the problem still occurs occasionally, everything seems working well most of the time.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Although there still must be something else going on as I have Karabiner 0.91.13 and I have no issues with USB Device Key triggers. So I suspect there is some other factor in the mix.