USB Device keys no longer detected after reinstall


I had to reinstall KM (11.0.2, M1 Mini, Sonoma 14.2) due to a screw up and now my macros that use USB device key trigger no longer work.

For example, I have ctrl+right shift mapped as command+v (b/c it's easier for me to do)

But this no longer works. When I try to create a new USB key device trigger, it is not registering my pressing the shift key or any key. I had another macro to send a key combo when I ctrl+middle click mouse button, and that no longer works. It's not registering the middle mouse button click.

I used AppCleaner to uninstall KM again and hopefully start over fresh, but that did not help. I gave KM all the permissions it asked for. I also rebooted, just in case. KM engine is in the open at login list.

All macros are working fine. It's only the ones that try to detect USB device key trigger that are not working.

Thanks in advance for any pointer

I reinstalled it again and now it's fine. Why? I don't know. shrug emoji