USB Key Device Triggers Suddenly Not Working After Upgrading to Catalina

I have several hundred macros previously programmed to an X-key device and a 10 button mouse as USB device key triggers - all of which have worked marvellously for years and now suddenly, they ALL DON'T WORK. I discovered if I delete the trigger and reprogram it again for each individual macro, then that one macro works again. But what a pain to do that for hundreds and hundreds of macros.

Has anyone experienced this same thing and possibly figured out a better solution?

BTW My KBM was outdated, but I upgraded to the latest, but it didn't solve the problem. Also, all the macros are active at the time I attempt to trigger them.

Some of those macros have multiple triggers (hot keys). Those work but none of the device keys for either the Key device or the 10 button mouse - which all worked before Catalina upgrade.

See Troubleshooting -- KM Wiki.

Hey Joe,

My best guess is Catalina forced the device code KM uses to ID the X-key to change, so KM no longer sees it. But it's just a guess.

It might be possible to update your triggers with AppleScript, but I won't bet.

I'd contact support: Contact Keyboard Maestro Support


This is what happened to me when I upgraded to Catalina last year. Both my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard and my R-Go HE vertical mouse stopped working with Keyboard Maestro, until I went through and changed each macro to bind to the newly-identified device key. I'm really hoping I don't have to do this again when I next upgrade macOS!


Well, upgrading to Big Sure didn't change how the keyboard was identified, although I did run into one unwelcome change, which I've posted about elsewhere.