Usb trigger

I want to use a normal usb keyboard whit usb trigger for some macros,
But when i use them it also detects the key i am using, like when i am in Final Cut i press space and the macro activates but the video too,
Thanks in advanced

Sorry I do not understand this.
If you attach a USB keyboard, then your mac will detect any key you press on that USB keyboard.
So if you press q on the usb keyboard you will get a q in the keyboard buffer and that is what you will get.
If you press say cmd+q AND you set up a KM hot key trigger for say cmd+q to type "quit" then you will get "quit"
So why would you use a USB trigger for KM to do something?
Try not using the Device key trigger and just treat it as normal keyboard input.

and I think this is why you are getting both actions triggered

Unlike hot key triggers, the pressed key is not removed or affected in any way. This trigger watches input devices at a low level, but it does not affect them, so any key presses continue to have their normal operation as well as triggering the macro. This is fine for modifiers, unused mouse buttons, programable keyboards and other unused buttons, but would likely be problematic for normal keystrokes which will continue to have some other, probably unwanted, affect.