Use Gifski (Homebrew Package) to Convert a Video File to a Gif Image

Apparently not in every case. I use oh-my-zsh, and that's pretty common, I think. I believe that targeting the correct executable was mostly what was needed for me.

Here's my path, though.

















@Lantro thats good to know. You obviously have a lot more experience with shell scripts than I do… and this macro is part of my learning process, so how could I go about making my macro more foolproof for when the ENV_PATH doesn’t return the right location?

I'm not the expert that I'd like to be, but when I run the script "which gifski", it returns the path for the executable that I can provide for the macro.

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Excellent, I'll look into how I can incorporate that in. Thanks!

Someone update me on this one, is it "buggy" as my very quick glimpse implies or is this a hidden gem I need? :smiley:

Hey there Jesse, most of the "bugs" pertain to the initial setup since this macro uses HomeBrew and each persons computer may be set up differently. But beyond that the macro works fine. I've been using it consistently (at least several times a week if not several times a day) since I built it and have not had it fail once.

If you're interested in trying it out, but run into problems with the initial setup, don't hesitate to reach out and we can help walk you through it.