Use Image stored in a variable for Pause until screen contains image or Move and Click on found image and similar comands

Unfortunately I am forced to work in the environment that every time the software is updated (every month or two), the images within a menus/buttons change ever so slightly. This breaks multiple macros I've developed, forcing me to change the images within the macros with new menus/buttons pics.

I wonder if there is a way to define images within these actions as a variable (or similar), so that I can assign one image to a particular variable and then use this variable within every one of multiple actions.

This way I can add new image only once and do not need to change it in every action it is used throughout my macros.

Instead of using an image in the image well, you can use an image file reference and overwrite the file as and when you need to.

Next to the image well, click on "Image" and you'll see a "File" option. This will do what you asked.

However, I would add that found images tend to be a last resort, and other methods are often available. It's hard to say without knowing more about the app or your intended functions, but I often find that clicks relative to a front window corner, menu items or AppleScript UI interaction can be more reliable than found images.

unfortunately it's an app running via citrix :frowning:

While I prefer @noisneil's "use image files" solution, you could also use Named Clipboards.

Interesting idea - thanks @Nige_S !