Use Number for Menu Click?

BetterTouchTool can use numbers for menu items, for instance, (2);(3);(1) will click the 2nd menu title → 3rd submenu item → 1st menu item.

The advantage of this is that as long as the menu order is not changed, users can switch to any UI languages and the macro will still work.

For now, I have to create menu click actions for different UI language and use "if...then" conditions to see which UI language is used.

You might be able to simplify this by using Alternates in the Menu Item name:
^Lang 1|Lang 2|Lang 3


Wow! This is great! Learn something new again today. Great to start a week this way.
Thank you so much, @JMichaelTX. You are so helpful!

I still hope that click "number #" menu item becomes available though. It could be useful for some apps in which users have freedom to arrange the order of menu items. If I set the number to "1", KM will click the number 1 item, no matter what it is, cause users might move different items to the first position.