Use two calculated Date strings in URL

Every monday I check my google analytics, but I always have to setup the date to last week.
I thought it would be easies if KM would to that for me:

When I do the manual date setup in analytics the links look something like this:**_u.date00=20180708&_u.date01=20180714

I tried to create a: New Google Chrome Tab with URL
in KM that looks like this:{{dayDelta=-9}}{YYYY}{MM}{DD}%26_u.date01%3D{{dayDelta=-3}}{YYYY}{MM}{DD}

When I run the macro the output in the url looks like this:{{dayDelta=-8}}{YYYY}{MM}{DD}&_u.date01={{dayDelta=-1}}{YYYY}{MM}{DD}

So it's not working
What am I doing wrong?

Hey Chris,

Who knows...

Post your macro, so we can see what you're actually doing.

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum


I'm not sure I understand your requirements, or issue, correctly, but I have just posted a new macro that may be of some help:

MACRO: Use Calculated Dates in Building Other Variables (like URL) [Example]

You will need to double-check the URL I used. I believe the dates are correct, but the other parts may need adjustment, or even to be URL encoded.

The point of my macro is to show you how to:

  1. Calculate dates using an offset/delta
  2. Embed the date string into a URL.

Please let us know if this solves your question/issue.
If not, please feel free to post any questions, issues, or suggestions you might have about this topic. If you have questions on other subjects, please start a new topic.