Use visiting a URL as a trigger

using chrome, I would like to set up a macro that triggers a 'text to speech' output every time I visit a specific URL.

namely this one:

is this currently possible on KM?

kind regs,

Hey Adam,

Try using a Focused Window trigger with the “Focused Window Title Changes”.

When it changes use the ChromeURL token to get the URL of the frontmost window in chrome.

If that is the one you want then proceed with your macro.

Holler if you get stuck.



Really appreciate your response.

So, I did what you suggested and it works great except that each time I change tabs it triggers this function.

I was hoping to set it up such that a "text to speech" function would only play when a specific tab URL were "in front" (or something similar to that effect).

Perhaps only play when the url were loading up.


Hey Adam,

You need to post the macro, so we can see what you did.

Without that troubleshooting is mostly conjecture.

Here's what I had in mind.

Google Chrome -- Alert on URL.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

You'll probably need to tweak it a bit, and there might be failures if changing a link on the Boards and Beyond site does NOT change the window title.

You'll have to experiment and see what works.