Using a mod key with spacebar as a trigger = intermittent bahavior

Newbie here from Quickeys, = have to say, I"m pretty excited, the more I see the potential of KBM. Code is so clean, and interface is good. After 30 years with QKs, the learning curve is a bit daunting, but I’m up for it!
-SO, is there a problem with using the spacebar in conjunction with a modifier key to be a trigger. It seems to be very intermittent. I tried Cntrl Opt Sp, and Cntrl Cmd Sp, with both triggers the key performs intermittently

  • the key ‘types’ ### which is my delete in gmail. I’ve tried inserting as typing, inserting as paste, one keystroke at a time, with and without a .1 delay in between. and it continues to be intermittent.
  • when I change the trigger to be say, Cntrl z, it works consistently.
    So it seems there’s an issue with using the spacebar as a trigger.
    Any knowledge

I got it, thanx, I was trying to assign the mod and the spacebar in the keystoke area, instead of assigning only the spacebar, and adding the modifiers below. Freshman mistake, thanx to all who took a peek.
STILL seeing if there’s a way to slow the mouse ‘drag’ down. ??

You should be able to type the modifiers and the key into the hot key field.

Keep in mind that multiple system facilities use various modifier-space keys and that may cause interesting behaviour.

I don’t know what you mean by “there’s a way to slow the mouse ‘drag’ down” - perhaps ask a new topic with the question clearly described?