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You can borrow my MX5 (Miata) if you two stop squabbling :wink: Of course, you’d have to come to over here to borrow it, but there is some lovely wine country down south to drive through.

I've always wanted to visit Australia, tour the country, checkout your vineyards, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. Don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep some day. :wink:

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Road Trip!!!

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If you’re trying to get to the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be well and truely off course!

Great Barrier Reef: That would just be my first stop.

Remember, I’m from Texas. We’re used to what other people would call “long distances”. :smile:

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And you're not kidding. I once spent parts of 3 days driving across Texas. Three LONG days (and yes I'm shouting, they were that long). This was in my old RX7, now that I think about it.

Also experienced the hardest short cloudburst I've ever experienced, during that drive. Thought my car's windows were going to break. Had to pull over because we couldn't see. Right behind a pickup with a dog in the back. The dog jumped out and got under the pickup. When the rain stopped, the dog got out from under and jumped back into the truck, like this happens all the time, and away they went. Like nothing out of the ordinary happened. My wife and I still talk about that, occasionally.

Will never forget those three days, although they are kind of a blur.


Heh - sorry, you can fit Texas into Western Australia four times…

Not a problem . . . I'll just change horses a few times. LOL

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I saw something a while back about how large Australia is. Blew me away. Maps don’t do it justice at all.

But you already knew this…