Using menu condition when button and image condition aren't an option

Hi all,

So I've got this going on:

I need access to the cancel button and the process button.

-None of this appears in the menu items for this application
-These are small greyscale images, there are no other image matching alternatives
-The software does not allow you to alter the colour scheme or appearance
-These are not standard mac buttons.

Interestingly this macro is being adapted from my old 2011 macbook onto my newer 2014 macbook which has a higher rez- the image condition used to work perfectly on the old one but now on the new one it just isn't finding it consistently despite however much I play with the rez, the fuzziness, or retake the images.

All I really want to know is "when is this long operation finished" but the operation doesn't have any other useful complete conditions I can think of, like creating a new file I could detect, or outputting a csv etc. So I feel like I'm stuck using found image condition. Any ideas on this would be very much appreciated!

One answer to this problem was to use menu conditions. During this long file operation you can see in the picture, many menu items become greyed out. They become enabled again when the file operation is finished.

test window condition macro.kmmacros (1.7 KB)


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