Using PROMPT with several option buttons to start other macros?

Hi, I cannot figure out how I can use the KeyboardMaestro Prompt Box to trigger other KeyboardMaestro macros.

This is what I want to do:

I have written 4 macros that automate the settings on my macbookpro, depending on where I am.
For example:

  1. As I am in the office, I need the regular settings. So KeyboardMaestro should load all predefined apps.
  2. as I am somewhere around the house I need a different setting (several apps do not need to run, while others should).
  3. as I am on my way (like on a train, etc.) I need even less apps and also do not want them to run, so it will save battery
  4. This option is simply to cancel.

So right now, I am going through these options with several KeyboardMaestro Dialog prompts asking me: 1. Are you in the office? Y/N -> …and so on…

BUT what I want to achive is that I have simply ONE Prompt-Box with 4 Buttons, giving me each of the above options and after choosing, operating like a switch.

I have found the option for a switch, but I do not know how to trigger these via the prompt box.

So how can I have a prompt box with 4 buttons, and depending on what button I press either a speciffic macro starts - or a set of predefined actions will run?

Looking forward to any comment helping me to achieve this.
Thx, Arne

Hey Arne,

Scope this out.


After you’ve read the wiki page, basically create a Prompt action with four buttons, and then use a Switch action with the Result Button variable to select which action you want to do.