Using the Same Hotkey Across Palettes

New to KM so apologies if this has been answered but I haven't been able to find anything in searching of playing around, what I would like to do is bind a palette to a key then have the same key available in the pallete. My specific use case is F13-F19 triggers paletes per key then the same F13 to F19 used to perform the macro, for example F13 shows window management palette then F13 again moves window to the left etc.

The plan being I then have 7x7 macros I can trigger from 7 keys with a prompt for what they are (I have a terrible memory). How would I go about achieving this?

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Hmm... Complicated.

I'm thinking you're better off using the Conflict Palette.

Look at the examples – the Wiki page itself doesn't give you the feel of what the conflict palette does.


I'm not sure I understand your desired behavior, but have you tried just keeping it simple?

  • F13 triggers the palette
  • Then trigger each macro by a logical single key, like either "L" or "←" to move window to left

I have a fairly comprehensive and complex Windows Management Palette.
I have found it useful, after triggering the palette with ⌘⌥⌃W, to use the keypad layout to move a window into one of nine sections of a screen:


(does not show all macOS)

If you really need to use the same, or similar, hotkey for the macro that you used for the palette, then you might try something like SHIFT-, so, SHIFT-F13. (or OPT or CMD or other combinations).

Thanks for the reply, having had a good look and play I think that's what I am going to have to do. What I was hoping to achieve was a kind of grouping so:

F13 opens window palette with
F13 to F19 being various options

F14 opens media palette with
F13 to F19 etc.

My thought was to isolate the most used 49 macros (7 sets of 7) and dedicate the keys to them as my fingers are already there, then prioritise most often used in groups to the key closest to the group key; so for full screen (which I use a lot) F13 F13 so double tap the same key, then with F14 and F15 being left 50% and right 50%

Perhaps it was too ambitious, I may go with the number pad and use the F16 to F19 only to save too much movement (yes I'm that lazy!).

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I am using conflict palettes currently I was just playing with the idea similar to VS chords but single key with a popup, perhaps overly ambitious.

The big problem is reusing the keyboard shortcut.

Why not Command-Key (Shift or Ctrl or Opt or Cmd)-F19 to enable the palette and then F19 for the action. Etcetera.



welcome to the forum, and yes, that's a goal, eliminate the laborious

Just a quick update to this, I have kind of achieved something similar to what I wanted; F14 to F19 shows palettes via a macro outside of the group its showing then keypad 1-9 gives access to the macros (this could be extended to numpad characters if more are required), with 0 being hide palette.

Seems to work okay but there are some tweaks I need to make; I don't like the 0 to close and I don't like it only closes 1 palette, so need to figure something out here. I tried to use F13 as a palette of palettes but the palettes states got a bit confused, seemed to work okay sometimes but failed to show anything other times, so I need to work out what's going on there or have a reminder popup (I am a jack of all trades dev working between many apps and OS's with many hot keys so I forget, a lot). Lastly I am doing a mouse move to center the palette, I need to make this work on a multi-monitor setup and return the pointer to original position.

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