Using the Scroll Wheel/Tilt as a Trigger in Future?

I was curious to know if the scroll wheel (scrolling up/down) and especially the scroll wheel tilt left/right will be available as macro triggers in the near future in Keyboard Maestro?

I’d also like the scroll wheel (regular up and down) with or without modifier keys as a trigger, currently use steermouse, but would rather be contained within KM. Also mouse speed and direction would be a great addition to triggers. (certain speed and direction cause macro to fire - also with and without modifier keys) I used to use that in Quickeys all the time. I know KM is much different. Just putting out my Christmas list early. =)

Nothing short of unbelievable that I can't change the volume with Alt + mouse scroll up or down. This was a classic example of functionality I thought KM would have. People have been asking for 5 years and KM 10.2 still doesn't have it. Very sad :frowning:

USB Device Key Trigger works in my setup.


SteerMouse has served me very well for at least 5 years.

Instead of nitpicking one of the few things KM doesn’t do, remember the 1,000 things it does do, and that no other software does. :wink: