Using TriggerValue only if called from another macro with a parameter

I have a macro that I want to call either from another macro with a parameter or directly through a hot key trigger. I need a test to distinguish between the two.

I expected that when invoked through a hotkey trigger %TriggerValue% would be empty, but instead there are many ways %TriggerValue% gets set — see the documentation of TriggerValue — and if a macro is triggered through a Hot Key Trigger its %TriggerValue% will be the key combination with which the macro had been invoked.

Don’t know a direct answer, but this works:

Remove the hotkey from the macro, then create a second macro that uses the hotkey.

The only thing the second macro should do is execute the first macro, using an “Execute a Macro” action with “with parameter” turned on, but don’t put anything in the parameter field.

Let me know if this is unclear.