UUID environmental variable problems

I am trying to use the %MacUUID% environmental variable in an “If-then” conditional so that I can keep this macro from running on a different computer which uses the same sync’d macros.

I first tried using the UUID that is provided by the “System Info” app on the Mac, but this appears to be totally different that the one that KM gets. So I had KM save its version of the UUID to a text file, and then pasted it into the conditional, but it is still not working. The conditional is set up like this:

If all the following are true: (currently false)
This environmental variable:
matches (inserted the UUID which KM wrote to text file that matches exactly)

And even though it is the same UUID that KM wrote, it is still saying that it evaluates to FALSE! What the heck am I missing here?

Probably worth dragging a screenshot of the IF action into one of these message editing boxes to show exactly how your are doing the test.

Any little difference, like in including quotes, might, of course be breaking the comparison.

This, for example, is working here:

This too:

Here are my settings:

I think you just need to rewrite This environment variable:the text

(i.e. choose a different mode from the match-type dropdown)

The %MacUUID% token is independent of every other application, it’s got nothign to do with the System Information.

Do this:

Display Text in Window: "%MacUUID%”. Click Try on that action. That is the value for this specific Mac.

Copy that, and then use the Text condition in the If Then Else statement: If Text “%MacUUID%” is .

This is an environment variable condition. You need to evaluate the text token with a Text condition.

You can immediately see if the condition is correct in the if statement:

OK, that was it. Thanks a lot.

BTW, I switched to KM a couple of years ago from Quickeys, after their programming fiasco and lack of updates. I have never regretted it, and KM is one of those programs that I use many times a day to make computer life a little simpler. Surprisingly, there are still people on the Quickeys forums trying to keep it working and Quickey’s owners seem to still be selling the “it’ll be out soon” fantasy (last upgrade 2010 — wasn’t that Leopard?)!!! Remarkable.