Variable stopped working

Yes, when you use the debugger you are changing the timing of your responses.

For example, you may have some pause statements that aren't long enough, but when you use the debugger, they are long enough, because when you use the debugger you are clicking more slowly.

For example, you have a CMD-N in your macro. And you have a 1.5 second wait after that key. When I test that on my Mac, it seems that QT requires 2.5 seconds to get ready after I type CMD-N manually.

If the problem is that your PAUSE statements are wrong, maybe try adding this to the start of your macro:

Your macro will run much slower, but if that fixes your problem, then that suggests that the problem is a timing issue.

Thanks so much... I will experiment with all this! I really appreciate the help.

I like to help people. I was preparing to run your macro myself, but it has at least one dependency that you didn't notice (the first action refers to a macro that you haven't provided), so I can't run it.

Your original post called this "a very simple macro." But it has tons of AppleScript, which actually makes it "a very complex macro" at least for me.

Thanks Airy... oh the one I sent then was very complex for me too. Earlier in thread, I was having issues with a very simple one. Restarting the engine fixed that and then the debugging and timing stuff fixed the more complex stuff.
A lot of those applescripts were written by ChatGPT. Have you tried that? Its pretty effective... just tell ChatGPT what you need the AppleScript needs to do and after a few tries, it usually works.. pretty cool

I haven't tried programming with ChatGPT yet. I'm sure I will soon enough. I think this kind of AI will change the world.

Got it! Thanks. Yes I have figured out how to upload macros and agree thats the best way to go. Thanks so much