Ventura Beta

So far, with the Ventura Public Beta, Keyboard Maestro seems to be pretty well behaved. But for some reason Stream Deck doesn't seem to be actually able to trigger anything. You can assign a usb key to the macro, but nothing happens when you hit the button in Stream Deck. This is specifically with Safari and Mail.

Anyone else have this problem?

Stab in the dark: Have you checked Stream Deck still has the correct permissions after updating?

I'm having trouble triggering some/most/all keyboard-triggered shortcuts in Safari in Ventura public beta where Safari already has an existing keyboard command. This applies to Extensions too.

It's almost like, in the past, Keyboard Maestro was able to intercept keystrokes before other apps (e.g. Safari and Safari extensions), but in Ventura, KM gets lower priority.

I know the Macros work because I can run them manually. It's just that keystroke shortcuts don't work.

Yes, I did check that. Weird thing is that after a bit over 24 hours, it started working again. I was worried that it was the Stream Deck firmware update that nuked it, but apparently my Mac Studio was so busy optimizing the system after the update made it less than reliable about listening for automation triggers? Not sure. Now it's working like a charm.

Give it a bit of time. And try replacing some of the keyboard commands. Did you recently do that firmware update? Mine finally just started working again.

I'm seeing an issue on an automation for Mail that I use to clear the Find search box. For some reason the portion of the macro which is supposed to send the "Cmd-Opt F" to select the search box doesn't fire, but the Esc which clears it does. If I try to use "Cmd-Opt F" in Mail directly it selects the search box just fine, and I'ver tried inserting delays in case the "Esc" was firing too fast. Since the macro does fire (and Escapes out of full screen), I'm not sure what the next step is to try to understand why "Type Keystroke" isn't firing for "Cmd-Opt F" but is for "Esc". Any ideas are appreciated. This is only on Ventura, everything seems to work fine on Monterey.

Yep, seeing exactly the same issue with today's just released Ventura. Changing the hotkey keystroke does not help.

Same issue here. It does also occur for selecting Menu items. There, it does not matter if a default keybinding is assigned or not, e.g. both File > New Window (⌘N) and Window > Duplicate Tab (without Keybinding) stopped working.

As mentioned by @shermanwilcox here there are two Safari options in the Applications dropdown and after the update to Ventura the wrong one was selected by default.