VIM-like "Select Inner" with KM?

Can anyone think of a way to create a text selection that begins and ends with the word* that is "under" the I-Beam.


Mirror VIM's "Select Inner" motion (via the concept of "Text Objects") to create a text selection.

(*Not necessary a single word, but at least, the characters between a start and end space character.)

Text Objects and Motions in VIM:


I already have a macro which takes the currently selected URL (in say, a text file), copies it and is passed to the Open URL KM action.

I was trying to feed my laziness* by having Keyboard Maestro automatically recognize the start/end of the URL (that surrounds the I-Beam) for me and create the selection between those points.

(*With the tacit acknowledgment that I will likely spend more time investigating how to accomplish this than I will save.)

As a result, the I-Beam could be anywhere within the URL string, and I could go to that URL with a single keystroke trigger.

I can imagine this type of functionality being useful for any macro that relies on grabbing some text before Keyboard Maestro does some work on it.

Also: I've been getting into VIM and this is a fundamental (and brilliant) motion.

What I've tried:

  • I experimented with control-right/left arrow keys. Which could conceivably work with single words. But it won't work with a complex URL.

  • I looked into various RegEx ideas (matching URLs, using word boundaries, etc.). But I don't think any of those will work, because to use them in KM, you have to first feed it some text via a selection & copy. And what I'm looking to do is the step just before that. Essentially Step 0.

  • I searched the forum and couldn't find anything similar.

  • In Sublime Text 3, command-d (select word) and command-shift-space (select words enclosed in quotes) basically do it:

    • command-shift-space seems to do a great job with URLs!
    • But this only works in Sublime Text 3. Not, for example, TextEdit.
    • Maybe since ST3 is able to accomplish this, it's a good indication that Keyboard Maestro would be able to as well?


  • VIM allows you to go further and specific the "boundary" characters. It would be good to be able to select boundary characters other than a space. But it's not completely necessary to be able to do that in real-time via KM. A macro with predefined boundary characters would be fine.

  • I can imagine this being something Keyboard Maestro could handle (either it already can or as a feature request). But I could be wrong.

  • If anyone knows of a standalone utility that mirrors VIM commands like this, or something built into the OS that does this, I'd love to know about it.

  • Sublime Text and other text editors have VIM modes or plugins that seem like they might be able to accomplish this (like what I found above). But then it would only work in those editors. Not terrible, but it would be best if it was system wide.

  • Implementation idea: Move cursor to X character

    • I know @peternlewis likes Keyboard Maestro's actions to be fundamental (so they combine well with others and don't overlap), so a select inner word action is probably too specific.
    • Maybe the following is better:
      • Move cursor to closest next \s (using RegEx "space" meta-character)
      • Move cursor to closest previous \s (using RegEx "space" meta-character)
    • Or even simpler: Move cursor + closest next/previous tokens ??
    • But I'm probably getting ahead of myself. I wouldn't be surprised if either of these is outside of the scope of KM. It was just a thought.



BBEdit's Balance Tags will select everything between the tags that contain the cursor.

Thanks for this!

I don't normally use BBEdit but it looks cool. Although from this video and reading the docs, it doesn't look like it would match to space as a boundary. Only text wrapped in quote, angle bracket, curly braces, etc.

I tried it in TextWraggler, on a plain text file and html, and it wouldn't stop beeping at me :slight_smile: I couldn't get it to work.

But thank you!

I was thinking about this some more and I'm probably very wrong. ST has access to all of the text because it lives inside of its buffer. Which gives it a meta understanding of the characters in a way that Keyboard Maestro can't.

This is probably why VIM can do this (and a million other things) too.*

(*And by "too", I mean: "About 20 years before Sublime Text did it.)

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Beeping in BBEdit is SUPPOSED to mean that there is no closing tag for the tag that's left of the cursor. Are you sure there was a closing tag when you got the beep?

Yes, I tried a few different things like that. None worked. It's ok though. I can try to figure out what's going on with that later. I don't use BBEdit/TextWrangler that much :slight_smile:


One of the reasons I like BBEdit is that it has integration with Keyboard Maestro, not that I’ve used that yet.

Hi @ar-km. Did you find a solution for this? I'm trying to get KBM to do vim and emacs like wherever I write. I can't do "go to next sentence" as well, for the same reason I guess that you can't do "inner element". I would really love to get this done.

Hey Yuval,

It's unlikely we'll ever have this ability system-wide, because Apple doesn't provide granular hooks into the text engine of macOS – and then there're the apps that don't use Apple's text engine.

macOS does provide support for EMACS keybindings up to a point, although you have to want it to go the the trouble of using it.

It's not well documented at all...

macos emacs keybindings - Google Search


Hey Chris @ccstone ,
Thank you for that info. You probably saved me a lot of time and heartbreak trying to do impossible stuff.


Sorry for not replying sooner.

Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know when other people are looking for something similarly odd :slight_smile:

I haven't unfortunately.

Sometime after my original post I had the idea:

What if the entire OS was accessible via Vim-like keyboard control.

I started to do some research into it and this is what I found:

I haven't been able to test those yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

If you get a chance to play with them, please report back what you think :slight_smile:

I wonder what Apple's thinking about this would be.

  • On one hand: "Hell naw! Vim is WAY too advanced to be grafted onto the macOS UI"
  • On the other: "Yes! This would be an amazing way to cross a Power-User feature with an Accessibility feature. Win-win."

Speaking of that, they announced "Vim mode" for Xcode 13 at WWDC 2021 .

Vim mode
Many common key combinations and editing modes familiar to Vim users are supported directly > within the code editor, using the new bottom bar to show mode indicators.

Via: Xcode 15 - Apple Developer

Quick video demo:

Obviously this is an easier sell (within Apple) because this is a developer's tool. And it basically just brings Xcode in line with Sublime Text, BBEdit, etc. Since they have Vim bindings. But with the same limitations I mentioned originally:

I agree with all of this.

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