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Yes I searched different forum under different categories, also collections of macros, everywhere I could. I did not find one thing I installed the app for: I wanted my keys (MBP Mojave) to make a sound I choose or make or write, like, for example, this typewriterkeyboard app does(they decided not to update for Mojave), so I guess nobody is interested in this function? I baresly made two macros for that, but the key strokes are silent and once in a while i hear the sound I chose three times in a row, or one time, just like it did right now.
Please somebody help me, no sounds on the letter keys are making my workflow like two times slower!! And I know nothing about programming, and the two macroses I wrote, that were ok during the demonstration in the app, but outside - this hell. Does anyone maybe have a macros that will actually work?? I'd appreciate it really, I 'm used to help typing by ear, not by eyes!!
Thank you very much,

Hi Anna,

Based on my understanding of what you're looking for, i.e. having every key on the keyboard make a sound when pressed this macro would seem to accomplish it:

Typing Sounds.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

If you want to extend to also play sounds for keys like Delete, Enter, etc., you can do that by adding hotkey triggers:


However, since you titled the post "Vocalize Each Key Stroke" I've also included a way (disabled by default) to have the macro speak each letter as you type it. Feel free to try this macro out and see if it works any better for you.

big thanx for a fast reply, I will try to do everything not deviating from your screenshots
And thank you very much!