Wait for Chrome to load broken?


I've been using KM for about 3 years and it has truly changed my experience with mundane tasks.

I upgraded KM to the newest version a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed fine. Then I updated to the newest (10.13.4) Mac OS and now one of my favorite macros seems to be broken.

It seems to be getting stuck on "wait for google chrome to finish loading"

I have it set to wait at least 1 second, but it just gets stuck there.

I put an alert before and after it to see if this was actually the issue, and the alert shows up before, but not after.

Does anyone have any comments or a workaround for this?


Is it perhaps this isse: Allow JavaScript From Apple Events.

Sorry to dig this up again, but I am suddenly having this issue too. Made sure "Allow JS vom Apple Events" is checked and restarted chrome a couple of times. Happened on KM8 and now on KM9 too, so it looks like it is more on the Chrome side of things. Any ideas how I can narrow the cause down better?


You will need to provide more information about exactly what is not working.
It is best to upload your macro and show screen shots of what is actually happening.