Want to create a macro to display keyboard shortcuts

hello, I want to create a macro group containing macros solely to display keyboard shortcuts for various apps. As far as I can see (I am sure that i am wrong)

  • I can only display text briefly, and not until (for example) escape is pressed
  • I cannot just display an image (I would do a snapshot of the shortcuts for each app)
  • or is there a better way to display reference information in general, whatever the type of information
    thanks very much in advance for your help

Keyboard Maestro is probably not the best way to do this although its probably the most useful/powerful application I have on my Mac.

Take a look at KeyCue which does exactly what you want and more.

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Hey Ronald,

If you want to dynamically create a map of keyboard shortcuts for apps with Keyboard Maestro then you're really out of luck.

There is a pretty good freebie called CheatSheet, otherwise the best-of-breed is the commercial utility KeyCue (as John mentions above).

Display Text action – display in a window.

Custom HTML Prompt action (although the learning curve for it isn't too gentle).

Put the image in a custom clipboard and use a Display Clipboard action.


If you're only looking for a cheat sheet, OS/X still has the Dashboard - you could use post-it notes with it like I do, like this:

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If all you want to do is DISPLAY for info only, then one easy approach is to

  • create a document (plain text, rich text, or html) that contains the info you want, and save it to a common location.
  • Then create a KM macro that simply opens this file.

If you wanted to make it independent of any other app, you could save your document as HTML, and then use the KM HTML Prompt action on that html file.

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KeyCue. Absolutely.

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@MitchellModel @JMichaelTX @DanThomas

thank you for your replies.

I tried KeyCue and similar apps a while back. The problem is that I know most shortcuts and only need a reminder for a selected few. Who needs Cmd-C copy, etc. It just clutters the screen.

the dashboard seems to be a rather simple and effective solution which can easily be modified.

I imagine that in the case of most users it is cluttered with pictures of girlfriends. Not being so lucky, I have ample place for shortcut reminders

how would one call up and exit the dashboard with a macro?

thanks again very much

You don't need a macro—just set it up in OS X System Preferences:

System Preferences > Mission Control > click on the menu and select a function key.

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