Way to Resize an iOS App Running on macOS

If you are talking about the macro I made to speak aloud the position of the mouse, the answer is here:

If you are speaking about something else, you have to explain what you are referring to. This was a long post and I can't tell which macro you are asking about.

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Just this macro, thank you!

Great. Thanks. I'm not sure which version of KM this macro requires. I don't think it requires KM v10.

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Yes, I tried it just now in KM 9.2 and it works!

Great news. If you need changes/updates to the macro, I'm happy to consider it. I think this macro will help me write code to do things like pressing buttons in apps. To be honest, I think this "percent click" is so useful that it should be considered as part of a new feature for the Mouse Click action in KM.

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thank you for your support!