Web Server - Save login credentials, or other option, on iOS?

Safari, on iOS 13, does not provide an option for me to "save credentials" when I hit my KM web server. While the credentials will persist, it seems, for a few hours, I soon need to re-enter my username and (long, of course) password into Safari on iOS after that.

iCloud Keychain and 1Password can populate this pop-up, but I must be doing something wrong because neither will find my login for my server, automatically (it works for all other sites) and so I need to type my server name to filter and then tap. This might actually be less typing than a manual entry, but there are more taps involved.

The shortcut I routinely execute via the web server is specifically for use via my iPhone, typically from outside my home network. I want remain protected (keeping https and a login), but having to enter my username and password is kind of a drag.

All that considered, does anyone have any tips for me to avoid this login prompt?

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