What are the pros and cons of converting from Launchbar to KBM clipboard and searching for a reference on how to design and build a KBM clipboard?

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Suggestions for the Clipboard history switcher.

The KBM clipboard looks much nicer than the Launchbar (LB) one. In particular images are displayed. I decided to go the KBM clipboard route.

My suggestions aim to improve the workflow and are:

1- make favorites more visible. The faint yellow gear is not visible enough. Yellow background ?

2- absolutely add separators when paste multiple - ideally user defined, but at least a LF. Example: if you paste multiple images to a Pages document with the KBM clipboard, you end up with superimposed images.

3- Although it is true that in KBM I can select and paste multiple clips, the process is a bit cumbersome in terms of workflow because the user must navigate between the clipboard and the app where the clips are pasted. Difficult to explain but quite obvious if I paste multiple clips. Launchbar has a very useful function which should be easy to implement in KBM: if I select multiple clips and press Cmd-C, a new clip is created (the sum of all clips selected): the composite of all selected clips.

4- LB has a very useful function which is copy/append. Cmd-C is copy. Cmd-C-C copies the selected text/image and appends it to the last clip. It is very useful. That being said, the Cmd-C-C works in KBM if the user has LB.

  1. PasteMaster the best clipboard app I ever used (now makes my computer crash, so I uninstalled it), also has the equivalent of a clipboard history switcher, but it is displayed as a grid, displaying many more clips. It would nice if the KBM user could choose a grid or multi column display.

5- add edit to context menu, but may be too much work for Peter

6- display both text and image in clipboard. If I select text and an image, the KBM clipboard displays the word image instead of the image itself (snapshot below).

thank you !

Launchbar Pref: copy append (= copy merge)

favorites difficult to see

is select text image, the word image is displayed instead of the image itself


If I understand correctly LB does not allow you to paste multiple images, where as the KBM clipboard does

Excellent suggestions. I could make good use of all of them.

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coming from someone of your caliber, it is quite a compliment !

Hello @peternlewis
when you have time, would it be possible that you give your feedback concerning my suggestions below.
thank you !

I am trying to stop adding things to the todo (soon) list so I can actually ship version 9.0 sometimes this century. They are generally good ideas, but that does not mean I'll implement them any time soon. As such, I'll keep it brief:

1 - probably not
2 - probably
3 - probably
4 - probably not. might be possible now with a Device Key trigger on double tap of ⌘C
5a - probably not
5b - probably not any time soon. It is already on the todo list. maybe Markup in the distant future.
6 - probably not.


OK thank you Peter for letting me know.