What are the pros and cons of "force quit"?

Hi all!

I have an application which sometimes doesn't close very gracefully. I've setup an "if/then" action so that if it asks me to save, which it does about 50% of the time, I can click through it to continue the quit process, Sometimes though, the application just sort of suspends during the quit process. and sometimes that suspension can be broken by simulating tapping a key on the keyboard.

The reason I came down this road is because I found that using the "wait for application to not be running" condition sometimes left the macro stalled. So now I'm wondering- should I just use force quit? Is there anything bad about it? I was even considering changing all my "quits" into "force quits". Does anyone have a view on this either way?

Hey Mark,

What app?


Hi Chris,

Sorry I didn't ask a very well formulated question here. The app is called Izotope Rx 5. Its an audio processing program. On very long files sometimes it hangs on quit.

The solution I found was;

-Tell Izotope to quit
-pause for 5 seconds
-If application Izotope is running,
-force quit Izotope.

Which also means that another "if" is required on opening the application:

-if Izotope dialogue box (image condition) says "Izotope did not shut down properly last time, do you want to try to recover your previous session?"
-hit enter (for "no").

Anyhow I know a lot of users here are far more advanced than I am, but hopefully this will prove useful/interesting for someone!


Hey Mark,

Looks like you have a handle on it.

If you haven't already you should file a bug-report with the developers.