What are your most used scripts or macros?

I've asked a similar question quite some time ago but times have changed.

For me my most used macros are macros by @ccstone, specifically picking results from google and more recently jumping between tabs and opening them from hotkeys.

I actually really like how @ccstone structures his scripts when he shares them

It just makes me wonder what scripts and macros do you guys use and love that you have never shared. I think would be wonderful if we all shared our discoveries or innovations within KM and outside.

What do you guys think? What are your most used scripts and macros that you have never shared with us?

Yeah Chris does great work.

I think if people have great macros they are already sharing them. The best one I made on my own I shared as well. (Which is a filing macro). The only thing I have changed about it is the key to trigger it since I am now using Karabiner and also to add additional folders to the macro.

You might want to take a look here:

But also look in the “Macro Library” Section.

The one I use several times a day, everyday is here: FileAssistant

It’s not a single macro though but I continue to expand it and it’s been extremely useful. To explain how it works, you create a macro to move a file to a folder. You duplicate that macro several times using the same key combination to execute it. Using the same key combination causes it to prompt you for the specific location (based on how you named it) you want to move the file to. As you see in the example I used the same string in the name and then careful choices on what I called the folder even though the actual folder names may differ.

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Honestly, a lot of text-editing and appending, and I don't know how I'd ever go back. i use a modified version of this constantly for adding to regular, long-running plain-text lists (restaurants/groceries/movies/books/etc...)

i've also got several macros that throw up a quick prompt, which appends daily log notes to text files in dropbox (synced with nvalt). So if i'm in a meeting or at my desk I can stay in the app that I'm already in, add a quick text note in the background, and get back to whatever I'm doing. At the end of the day, i've got a pretty good summary of everything that came to mind during the day.