What elements do I use to activate an Automator Workflow?

Background: I’ve just loaded KM for the first time so I have no experience with it. I’m still at the stumbling in the dark stage.

Question: I want to activate an Automator Workflow but I don’t see any obvious building blocks for that purpose.
To put this in context my overall goal is to save an email to a particular folder and save the pdf attachment to the same folder. I’ve figured out the first part. I have an automator workflow to do the second part but I can’t see how to activate it from KM so that I can combine the two activities into one.
I should note that by searching around on this subject I see that Applescript is a popular solution for this type of activity but I don’t want to use it. While not denying its power I find that I don’t use it frequently enough to retain any skills in putting together scripts.

So what I want to know is:
Are there the building blocks within KM to activate the automator workflow and then any suggestions of which ones to use would be most welcome.


There is an “Execute an Automator Workflow” action in the Actions/Execute menu. That is all you need to run an Automator Workflow

As we all are at some point. :smile:


Remember that you can search for menu items using the field in the Help Menu.

You can also use Insert Action by Name A and typing a keyword.

These methods help you discover where features are.

There’s also a searchable PDF version of the documentation:



Thanks for your response, very much appreciated.
I found it.

Thanks for your response.

That’s very helpful and much appreciated.