What is the best way to maintain links when moving macros from macro group to another and for publishing macros to the Forum

Assume I have four macro groups
DEV - development
LIVE - in Production
PUB - Publish to Forum

Certain macro actions refer to a specific group e.g. Show Palette of Macros.
If I drag a set of macros from say DEV to TEST all the linkage is pointing back to DEV.
So what is the best way of moving a macro from DEV to TEST to LIVE to PUB whilst preserving the link to the appropriate Macro Group. (Preserving is the wrong word as you want all links to be to the new macro group)

Secondly, assuming in PUB I have only one macro called "FirstMacro".
I export it and then as PUB.kmmacros.
Fellow user imports it into his KM application.
I delete FirstMacro from PUB and replace it with "Second macro"
PUB now only contains "Second Macro"
I export this as PUB.kmmacros and publish to group.
Fellow user imports "SecondMacro" into the PUB group.
Does the PUB group on the fellow user machine have both macros or just the second?