What's the best YouTube to MP3 converter

The YouTube-mp3 org is unavailable now. Does anyone know other best youtube to mp3 converters?



Nice question. I think you can try AnyMusic to convert. In here, you have no limitation of the number of downloads without any ads and virus. Also, you can try Convert2mp3, which is the most comprehensive & professional MP3 converter.

Sorry guys to bother you. But this seems to be the only thread I can find about YouTube video and audio downloading. Recently I downloaded a so called YouTube VR video mp3 file with this software as you can see “http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/vdgb-yt-downloader.html”(I hope someone at convenience can check it), the videograbby. I transfer the VR video to my VR player. However, to my disappointment, there was only video output no audio, why did this happen? Was that because of t he downloader itself or any codec errors?

i am using vid2mp3 for converting my videos to mp3. you must download this app on your android mobile

I use h2converter.com an online tool that allows users to convert youtube to mp3 quickly and easily.

I use http://ytgomp3.com easy and fast youtube to mp3.

I am using tubemate 3.0. You can see details here: https://tubemateyoutubedownloaderapps.com/tubemate-3-0/




Yes, I know. I have tried https://surf2mp3.com this website and got very good results. Everyone can try it and see the results too.

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You can try https://www.ytbmp3.com

  • direct YouTube search, no need copy paste link
  • working on all devices
  • no popups
  • no conversion wait
  • playlist download
  • ID3v2 tags edit
    and more options on https://www.ytbmp3.com/howto

I like the action in DropZone. Works really well. Never had an issue with it.


Once downloaded, I use SmartConverter to transform the video to whatever format I desire such as iPhone or MP3.

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