What's Triggering Dictation?!

For the longest time, while editing files I've been triggering Dictation mode. It took me forever to track down the keystrokes that were doing it: any arrow key followed immediately an an escape.

I assumed I'd messed something up in a KM macro. But then I killed the KM engine and found it was still doing it! Even though I know it's not a KM problem, does anyone have any advice for tracking down this errant trigger? It's driving me nuts!

-- Robert

You might start with Change Keyboard Dictation Preferences on Mac:


Just see what you have set there for the shortcut.

Well, I thought that was a less than helpful suggestion—until I tried it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had, of course, already checked there. But it turned out that double-tapping on the fn button, which had been my selection in that dialog box, was also somehow associated with an arrow key followed by the esc button. So, pressing an arrow key followed by esc was being seen as a double-tap of fn.

Switching to a more standard function key resolved the problem, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

-- Robert

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You're welcome! Glad it was that easy.

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