When I Invoke" Cancel All Macros", Is There a Way of Disabling the Notification Associated With It?


I use KM with other software to video record the whole screen. Part of my macro includes the command "Cancel all Macros". "Cancel all Macros" /"Cancel this Macro" commands always show a notification that the command was invoked. Of course, it shows in the video.

I can certainly understand the rationale to have that notification feedback as part of the command, but is there any option to silent that cancel notification within KM? I just can't see to find a way


There's no way to disable the notification from within Keyboard Maestro itself, but you can run the following terminal command to disable it:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine "Notification-MacroCancelled" -bool NO

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Thank you! Much appreciated. Will use that.

Perhaps that option could be part of the "Cancel all Macros" command in a future release(?)

I see that the terminal command works.

BUT does it eliminate ALL KM notifications where errors are encountered and the macro stops? Or just when I explicitly use the Cancel Macro command?

I have another macro I'm currently working on where KM would give me an error if I try to divide by zero for a progress bar. Now it just stops proceeding.

After I used terminal again to re-enable the Cancel all Macros notification, (setting -bool YES) I'm getting the KM error calculation notification as expected again along with the canceled macro.

So does the terminal command you suggested get rid of -all- KM notifications (including error notifications) that might result in a cancelled macro where no explicit "Cancel Macro" command is used in my code?? I probably need to know when a specific KM error occurs.

That's odd, it shouldn't work that way. I still receive error notifications. Try running another macro and throw in an action that is guaranteed to throw an error to eliminate the possibility that the other macro is the issue.

TEST Demonstrate Notification disabled by Terminal also cancels Error Notifications.kmmacros (5.1 KB)

This a macro which creates an intentional error.

The error notification is NOT given if the KM has been set for defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine "Notification-MacroCancelled" -bool NO

And it reappears as expected, if set for defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine "Notification-MacroCancelled" -bool YES

This macro has no explicit "Cancel all Macros" command.


That notification setting applies to explicit cancelation with the various Cancel actions, as well as canceling the macro if it is aborted due to an action failure.

It does not apply to reporting errors an action fails if that failure does not abort the macro.

Thank you, Peter, for clarifying the operation. Perhaps, with some future version, a checkbox or other option could be added to turn off the default notification that occurs with use of the "Cancel Macros" command.