Where is a "wait" command?

What command can I insert into a macro to wait for a certain time? In a series of steps that opens a dialog box, the sequence moves too quickly.

Pause (action:Pause [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])
Pause until Action (action:Pause Until [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])

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"Pause". I did not see that. And I was able to use the feature that KM can identify that a window with a certain named button exists to set the delay required to continue.

Thank you very much...


Also, I'd strongly recommend using Command-Control-a not just for its named purpose (Insert Action by Name) but because if you'd typed "wait" into that floating prompt, you'd have gotten these smart results:

This makes it a great way to search for an action when you don't know what the action is called.

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This is the only way I add actions these days :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I just never thought of the "Pause" command. I could not think of a way to have KM wait until a modal dialog box appeared, so I just waited a bit. Is there such a method?


It’s the best!

Pause Until gives you a wealth of options - button, window title, and so on. And there are various Window Discovery tools (macros) that tell you various info about the windows that the system can currently see (or not).