Which action would allow me to access the 'selected text' Services menu as opposed to shorter and not so useful app Services menu?

I am asking a general question, simply using Bear as an example. My question would apply to any app.

With the KBM Show / Select in Menu action, I can access the Services menu of any app, but that Services menu is generally very short and of limited use.

In terms of workflow, the Services menu I want to access 99% of the time is the Services menu of the context menu after selecting text. That Services menu which provides a much wider array of services which allows me to create a new Evernote or Scrivener or Nisus Writer or BBEdit note with the selected text, or use the extremely useful 'Open' menu which opens all links within the selected text.

I know how to access the 'selected text' services menu but it is a rather long, tedious and non robust process via the context menu (mouse action to right click, insert text by typing, etc).

Is there a KBM action which would allow me to access the 'selected text' Services menu

thank you very much