Why can't I close Keyboard Maestro like any other app?

Why is the close button disabled and why cmd+w doesn't work?

The Keyboard Maestro editor is designed to be run only when needed, and then quit. By not allowing the main window to be closed, the application encourages you to quit it instead. I could go with the metaphor of quitting the application when you close the window, but I’ve never liked that behaviour.

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KM is the only app on my mac that has that behaviour, just thought this was curious.


How is this different from just quitting the app when the user clicks the red-button?

The App Store app, behaves in exactly this way, and I would love it if Keyboard Maestro behaved the same way.

Because that is the Close Window button not the Quit button.

Yes, some applications behave this way - but not others (eg Finder, Mail, etc). Some applications like Preview randomly decide whether they will quit or not. I have never liked this behaviour, which unfortunately means it probably is not something that is going to happen. Sorry.

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Apps like the App Store, does not quit when you click the red button, it continues to run in the background - much like Keyboard Maestro does.

Only Apps that continue to run in the background should behave in this way, and I strongly believe that Keyboard Maestro fits into that category.

Hope you will reconsider.

oh? hahaha, I’ve always left it open, as I thought it was needed.

good to know.

There are two applications: The KM Editor and the KM Engine. "Keyboard Maestro is easy to use once you understand the way the Editor and Engine … " — from:

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