Why can't I map ⌃⌥⌘F to ⌥⌘F to trigger a macro?

I have a keyboard macro for Gmail in a Chrome tab and I've attached it to the keystroke ⌥⌘F and it works perfectly.

However, I find myself occasionally fat-fingering the Control (⌃) key while hitting ⌥⌘F so I created a new macro that simply triggers on ⌃⌥⌘F and types ⌥⌘F. This I would expect would trigger the the original macro but it does not. Nothing happens. Is this the expected behavior?

You can have more than one hot key trigger a macro. That might be a better approach.



Typing a keystroke that is an active hot key trigger has undefined behaviour. It may either type the keystroke or trigger the macro.

As @mrpasini suggests, just include two hot key triggers for the macro.

Alternatively, you can use the Execute a Macro or Trigger Macros by Hot Key actions to execute the other macro (if, for example, you wanted to do something else as well as the other macro when the control key was down).